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Publish Date: December 9, 2019
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Military

Blurb: Three Antarctic cruise ships have gone missing. An entire Russian research base has gone silent with no radio contact. A private facility has been swept with an unknown pathogen.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg.

After Siggy Smith is charged with first-degree murder and sentenced to liquidation, she’s given a choice: a quick death, or five years on an elite squadron known as MONSTR. Choosing life, the shape-shifter and ex-marine is now tasked with tracking down and eliminating supernatural entities that threaten human life.

Starting with the mysteries creeping across the snowy landscapes.

With each passing hour, the stakes grow higher and the team faces a new crisis around every corner. Their enemy that continues to evolve, and Siggy begins to wonder if she made the right choice…

The Venue

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Publish Date: Early 2020
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Romance

Blurb: London. Ground zero for the top five most outlandish sexual escapades that Cosima and Rurik have ever gotten themselves into.

This time is no different.

After an unreasonably sensible get-together with friends and family, the couple is pressured to sit down and work out some … long term plans.

Unfortunately, their plan to make plans is interrupted by their insatiable infatuation with one another, and each one’s attempts to dominate and outdo the other which ultimately lands them in Milan for another one of their carnal adventures.

Things take a strange turn, however, when their favorite venue is suddenly overrun with police and federal agents and the duo finds themselves facing the kind of trouble neither had anticipated.

The Chase

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Published: July 21, 2018
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Romance

BlurbAfter three long months in a new town with a new job, things aren’t going exactly to plan for Cosima Lockwood.

The job? Not at all what she thought it would be. The town? Deader than ever, and just when she decides it’s time to pack up and move on, the local shape-shifter packs start closing in.

Not only that, but her partner is nowhere to be seen, which robs the entire trip of its salacious prospects.

Contest Submissions

NYC Flash Fiction Contest – Round 1

July 2019
Status: 9th Place
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NYC Short Story Contest

February 2018
Status: Rejected
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NYC Flash Fiction Contest – Round 2

September 2018
Status: 11th place
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NYC Flash Fiction Contest – Round 1

July 2018
Status: 8th place
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